About Me

Dave Martinez is a guitarist, arranger, and composer from Guatemala, with a variety of styles from Smooth Jazz to Latin Jazz, and Jazz Fusion. Dave lives in Los Angeles, CA, where he has had the opportunity to play and record with a wide variety of world renowned artists and bands such as Abraham Laboriel, Rique Pantoja, Justo Almario, Harry Kim and many others.

Dave is also a gifted educator and has helped establish several musical schools in Providence (RI), Boston (MA), Los Angeles (CA), and Ciudad Juarez (Mexico). His skills as a professor have enabled him to write specific material for each school such as books for the study of guitar and contemporary harmony. He is the Founder and Director of the music program “Coda Music Academy” located in the Los Angeles area.

His first instrumental project titled “By Hands” released in 2013 incorporates a variety of Latin, Jazz Fusion and Smooth Jazz with special guests featuring Abraham Laboriel, Oskar Cartaya, Chanelsy Moniharapon ,Uziel Colón, Freddie Burgos, and others.

Dave has spectacular original arrangements and new compositions for his latest project featuring some special guests. He is very excited to share his new music with everyone on all music platforms.


Dave Martinez’s lessons offer students the opportunity to learn different musical concepts at different levels and apply those concepts on their own music or style, while they follow the program at their own pace. The concepts that Dave covers in his lessons range from the application of basic triads and scales to more advanced concepts like rhythm techniques, and modal harmony.

Dave will write the musical arrangement that will bring your idea to life. He will help you develop your ideas from their basic form and turn them into a song with orchestration, horn section, small band, or whatever instrumentation and/or style you like. He’ll help you start or finish your lyrics ideas or write the appropriate melody for that instrumental song you’d like to create.

“Dave Martinez is without a doubt one of the most exciting guitar players in a long time. His rhythm playing and quality of execution and feel are the best anywhere. His soloing ability and flexibility of tone are to be enjoyed for a lifetime of sound. As a composer he is inspiring because in his melodies he includes constant surprises that keep one interested in continuing to listen over and over again. Dave has my wholehearted support and respect. ”

— Abraham Laboriel Sr.